7 Unusual sports you don’t even know existed

Do you know about a sport where you are tied to a kayak and thrown away from an airplane. This is list of 7 such weird sports that you didn’t  know existed.
Brilliant minds & fitness/enthusiasts keep on inventing stuff that is often unhinged & unfathomable. These inventions might not be consumer friendly goods, but will certainly pump your adrenaline.

Extreme Ironing

Courtesy: Wikipedia
Believe it or not – This game also has it’s own bureau.
Extreme Ironing Bureau defines the sport as a combination of “The thrill of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt”. You can get your iron board on desserts, mountains, glaciers underwater and if you are more sporty then you can iron your shirt while you skydive from a plane. Talk about wearing a well ironed shirt, eh!

Gaint Pumpkin Kayaking

Courtesy: Reddit
Are you bored of traditional kayaks or boats then try using a gaint pumpkin as one. This sport has officially been voted as the “World’s weirdest sport”. This strange race which is most likely to be seen in Nova Scotia involves hollowing out a giant pumpkin to use as a raft, to paddle across a river which is almost half a mile long.

Wife Carrying Championship

As seen in the Yash Raj movie – “Dum Laga ke Haisha” – guess what – Wife Carrying Championship is a contest held every year in Finland in which husbands race against each other while carrying their wives. It gets more weirder when you know that you can’t participate if your wife doesn’t weigh more than 49 kgs. Also, the price of this competition is ‘Wife’s weight in beer’.
Ayushman and Bhumi – book your tickets to Finland.


Courtesy: realclearlife
Imagine falling from 13000ft tied up to a kayak and landing in a lake. This is exactly what is involved in this insane sport. Miles Daisher was the first to try this mid-air stunt and finally was able to land safely in a lake, in the year 2010.


Courtesy: mumbailive
Combine a Trampoline, Volleyball and Football skills. This is one of the coolest & weirdest sport.
Bossaball seems to be an amazing way to spend summer with friends. This game is an ultimate mix of football tricks, volleyball and extreme gymnastics topped with some exotic tunes.

Tuna Tossing

Courtesy: outlookindia
Tuna tossing isn’t just some unconventional way of salad preparation. The tuna tossing is part of an annual festival called Tunarama. This sport was inspired from the way fishermen used to throw tunas into the trucks from their overloaded boats. Never thought that such a usual action can turn into an unusual sport – well it is. Must be promoted in Khar Dana and our desi fishermen must give it a shot.

Toe Wrestling

Courtesy: mentalfloss
As the name suggests Toe Wrestling is just like arm wrestling – but where players try to pin down opponents toe for 3 seconds. This sport came into existence when a bunch of college boys were trying to find something to waste their summer vacation on, and now this is a widely played sport in many countries.

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